WebSite Development
$350 *
*$150 for Home Page + $100 per page thereafter. Extra $100 per Plugin such as Calendar or Popup
Foundation Setup
Home Page & About Setup
2-3 Social Media Buttons
Contact Page
** Initial Content Setup ($150 Optional)
** Local SEO Marketing (Starting $200/month - Optional)
Month-to-Month Agreement
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Local SEO Only
Already have a website and would like to rank quikcly on page 1 on Google Locally?
First 6 months - Start* at $150 | $200 | $350
Month 7th onward - Start at $120 | $160 | $300
City Based Targeting
ROI TrackingInbound Marketing Software
GEO Target Marketing
Dedicated Account Manager
**Local Social Marketing
Note: Most SEO efforts are in the first 6-months. Loyalty discounts after 6 months being with us.
Month-to-Month Agreement
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New Website + SEO Combo
Setup Fee
New Website (up to 7 pages) or Optimizing Current Website + monthly SEO* and Monthly Local SEO Combination
Build New or Optimize your current website + Keywords + Content Management
Monthly SEO * ranging from $200 | $300 | $400
1- Target City
ROI TrackingInbound Marketing Software
Dedicated Account Manager
Local SEO Marketing
Analytics Console
*Guarantee 1st page on Google Search Rank within 6 Months
Month-to-Month Agreement
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Customize Your Own Package
All features of Website for 8 pages or more + SEO* Combo package
On-Page SEO
Calendar Setup
Blog Setup
Google Ads Setup
Google Analytics Setup
Content Management
3-5 Social Media Buttons Setup
Chat Function Setup
How to Fix Bad reviews
Review Notifications
* Monthly SEO ranging from $200 | $300 | $400
Month-to-Month Agreement
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