Meet The Owner


LeAnne N. Smith, Ph.D.

I am the owner of A2Z. I have a PhD in Behavior Science, A Certified Digital Marketing and have a Master in Business Analytic. For many years, my team and I have been creating website designs for individuals, businesses, and organizations.


I’ve gathered the most experienced web developers, project managers, and designers, together with top product experts in one roof to offer the best software solutions with social media features and functions to our clients.


My SEO, complicated software solutions, and creative websites for startups helps clients reach their full potential and boost profits. I am not just an expert in digital marketing facts, but also is highly regarded digital marketer with a crew of experienced developers and designs who can create websites optimized for conversions and search engine. My social media marketing services will help you connect with new customers and establish loyalty along with your existing and future client base. You will understand why our company is sought as one of the top companies in the industry.


A2Z is fully dedicated to understanding and learning about your business. By establishing a relationship with all of our clients, we can guarantee our marketing strategy is established with the sole focus of fixing the issues your small business experiences. All of our marketing campaigns are designed with the client’s requirements in mind to fix the greatest marketing issues.


Our team is committed to employing the best practices and sustaining on top of the current innovations in digital marketing. We use new marketing techniques every time to find ways to reach website users with the proper marketing message.


With staff more skilled employees situated in the country, A2Z’s digital marketing experts provide the results you need from an SEO firm. Our reliable services are directed by a management crew which provides professional support and strategy. You see; this management team works closely with both staff and clients as to support partnerships where digital marketing requirements are communicated clearly and met.


So, sit back, relax, and learn everything from the Experts of A2Z Web Designs. We are always available to help you and guide you throughout understanding how your campaigns are doing and what it is that our team can help you to offer you extra value.

Call me anytime, and our team our digital marketers and web developers at A2Z are always here to help you.